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"Anyone who has an opportunity to read both Grandfather Stories and More Grandfather Stories is in for a real treat.  This trip through the 20th Century as seen through the eyes of an 'average American man' is not to be missed, for it is as exciting and interesting a journey as one could take from the comfort of a favorite reading place.  Hal Wilder is a living treasure, and knowing him personally is a tremendous joy." -- Eric Long

"I have almost finished your wonderful book, Grandfather Stories, but I couldn't wait to tell you how much I enjoyed it. It should sell easily once you market it." -- Jerry Whiting

"Grandfather Stories brought back so many happy memories of my own childhood. A thoroughly enjoyable book, easy to read, with many a hearty laugh." -- A.C. Nielsen, Jr.

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On June 6, ’04, Jack Rambleu of Georgia wrote
“Mr Wilder, You don’t know me, but I feel that I know you. My Brother-in-Law got a copy of Grandfather Stories for his 65th birthday last winter, and let me read it when he finished’  If you come out with another, let me know. Or put me on your list for anything else you write.  I’m already a fan. . . .  “
     On August 16 he ordered a copy of More Grandfather Stories.

Columnist Jannette  Juaregui wrote:
Dear Hal,
Thank you for your very kind note regarding my last story.  It means a lot to me to hear from those who actually lived through it- you are the ones who know it all best.

Also thank you for your book . . .

I  treasure this one.  It’s from FRIENDS OF THE CAMARILLO LIBRARY and signed by Mary Stumpf, Manager.  “Thanks for the trip down memory lane.  I loved your Grandfather Stories. It’s an apt title.  I did feel that I was at  grandfathers knee, listening.  I read many parts to family and friends . . .”

Wonderful benefits are likely to come your way if you do as I did, and write your own memoirs.  And it’s not only easy to do, it’s fun !  People tell me that my books hold their interest because I lived through interesting times.  Well, that is true if you call Depression and War interesting.  I was born in the middle of 1918, and retired in 1975.  The years since I retired have given us all this computer technology, which is changing the World for everyone.  That is truly interesting.
I found that as I wrote notes, memos and stories about my experiences, My mind cleared, my memory sharpened, and my friends took notice and marveled.  My new passion has become “You, too, should write your memoirs, because look what it’s done for me.”   You don’t need to be old to do so, but it need not be a hindrance if you are.
And you don’t need to be concerned that you are not a polished writer.  There may be already too many people ready and willing to edit your work.  The thing is to just sit down now and record what you did yesterday.  Next record what you did last month, then last year.  Read these over a few times., you will find doors open in your mind, memories will flow in,  stories will appear.  And you will also find that friends and contemporaries will call them interesting.

                Best of all you’ll astound your friends with your new memory .   It is happening to me.                


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The Press

Ventura County Star article, "Old Soldiers' memories can live on"

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Col. Steward Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

Hal Wilder is a natural-born storyteller. He has an instinctive gift for language that no amount of training, no fancy MFA degrees, can confer upon a writer. Naturally gifted writers like Hal are few and far between in these modern times, when short attention spans rule the day. But Hal is more than a gifted writer. He is one whose type is even more rare these days - one who is concerned with meaning. Hal's stories invite us to reflect on values, character, and human relationship - all without being sanctimonious. He opens up territory we often ignore, then leaves it to us to do the real work of reflection and contemplation. In 25 years of working in the publishing business, I have rarely come across writers who can combine these elements with such pith and verve.

Lee Nichol
Editor, The Essential David Bohm

Arthur C. Nielsen, Jr.

Les Brownlee

"I met Hal Wilder nearly 23 years ago, and have worked for and with him in the Ventura Power Squadron Public Boating Safety classes. Reading both of his lively life story books Grandfather Stories and More Grandfather Stories reveals a fuller appreciation of his exceptional life and his personable communication talents. Flying and boating have been common, yet separate pursuits. Hal is a wonderful true story teller who has lived through some of America's most momentous times. As one of the Greatest Generation serving overseas flying in World war II he has documented the period in an honest and attention holding manner. Hal has put down an extraordinary life seen through the eyes of one who has lived it, fought to preserve it and succeeded in telling it in a plain, folksy manner as if he were speaking with you as a best friend. His memory is sharp, and truly special in conveying to the reader what life was like and how he coped with the hand he was dealt. There are spots of humor and personal foibles revealed of a man who is not afraid to be direct with the reader. Absorb these engrossing books-you will be a better person for it to share the marvelous joys, the ups and the downs of a most remarkably humane, human being.

Perhaps you can enter this review in your website. I look forward to your third book. It has been a pleasure knowing you, personally and through your books."
-- Doug Robertson

"You are leading a life most would cherish to have. Rich, colorful, dangerous, lucky, honest, exciting, moral, courageous, generous, filled with friends. You've been the point of the spear, a leader always and someone who serves everyone as a mentor, still.  Like a great restaurant that has so many good dishes, maybe you could offer up a sampler plate showcasing the pallet of experiences you've written about? This is no time to be too modest, not prideful of course, but proud certainly. Don't most fine restaurants have a dessert cart? Put together your dessert cart."
-- Jim Brown

"I wanted you to know I just finished reading your book and I enjoyed it very much." -- Bob Hanson, Publisher of LWT

There were moments while reading Grandfather Stories when I felt as though I was reading my own memories. I have never heard anyone describe the true horrors of FLAK with the same realistic intensity..." -- Bill Williams, 485th Bomb Group"

"Through the words of Hal Wilder's book, Grandfather Stories, one is given a fascinating view of history and of a life well lived. We heartily recommend this look into the past." -- Allan & Nancy Berry

"Your book, Grandfather Stories... is appealing and has found a special place in our home." -- Al & Adry Ezcurra

These letters, and more are on file and available for any to see.


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About the Readers
Who are they, and what have they to say

Of course, some of them are my friends, old friends.  But most of them I never heard of until I received an order for a copy in the mail.  When I first decided to publish, I ordered 25 copies,, which I thought would cover interested family and friends, and that would be it.

Before I had distributed all of them I got letters and phone calls from friends of friends asking for copies.  It was a real rush when someone I didn’t know wrote and asked what the price would be, and shipping charges to Connecticut.  Believe me, that brought a real thrill.   

Now that orders have run into the hundreds, I see I have a marketable product.  MORE GRANDFATHER STORIES also has been well received, and I’m hoping this web site will bring more  orders.  

I imagine every new author dreams of a best seller.   But publishers have no interest in unpublished authors, so I turn to you, visitors to my  site. 

When you find yourself enjoying these stories, and recommend them to your friends,  that just may lead some stuffy publisher to give it a whirl.

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