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Once upon a time, in a small town in the center of a wonderful Country, there was a small boy, and he was me.  Now I’m an old man.  In between that time and now there are many amazing stories.  
Cowboy,  college boy, soldier boy.  I drove a team of horses pulling a wagon, as we laid a new fence line 5 miles long. 

I drove a 1937 Ford V8 convertible, I flew B-17s and B-24sNow I sail, and teach basic sailing on the Pacific Ocean.  I repeat, it has been quite a life, quite a story, filled with many unexpected turns, and a lot of luck.
During those years I made lots of mistakes.   If I present them to you here, you may be able to avoid them for yourself.   If you’re going to make mistakes, at least they should be brand new mistakes of your own creation.
And with any luck at all, you are going to make mistakes.  If you  don’t, you are just not trying.  Mistakes occur when we try something new.  Without them, there would be no progress.

But I hope you will browse through this site and see what’s here.  When I write about the Flak at Munich  or  a  Daylight Burglary in Illinois, it is a real experience I hope you never have. 

 So read what I have written. Live your life and write about it for the benefit of others.  It matters not how well you write.  Your jewel is what you saw, what you lived. 

Each life is unique,

each story is priceless.


The Story Teller...... Hal Wilder

I didn’t set out to be a writer, but once I began to write my life changed in  some amazing ways.

When Galen Wiggans visited us at the end of the twentieth century, it had  been fifty six  years since I saw him last.   We had known each other for less than six months.  But those were high pressure years.  The world was at war, and we had been training to go into the middle of that fight.  We had an  awful lot of catching up to do.
So we talked all day and much of the night.
But Scott had been listening.  After the Wiggans had left, he askd me to write it all down.  Golly!  Oh My !  I had never thought of such a thing.  However, he prevailed , , , and the rest is history, recorded elsewhere.   Then, readers of the first two books, GRANDFATHER STORIES and MORE  GRANDFATHER STORIES prevailed on me to write and produce MY TURN TO FLY and BEYOND THE SURF.   And now more readers have twisted my arm again.   Behold !  I give you RANDOM CHANCE   or   GOD’S  WILL ?
As you have challenged me, I am challenging you.  When you read this you will see why I have come to believe that GOD does take a part in our lives, and HE may do so for each of us.  Read it again, you will see what I mean.

I’m having so much fun I never imagined was possible.    Sometimes I wake up before dawn with another story buzzing in my head.  I am surprised, but I do remember when all this happened.  If I lie there a bit I can add more and more to the story, as my mind, unbidden, follows the links.

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